Guide to Cakes

1st rule : You always get what you pay for in the wedding business.
There are many other decorators doing cakes for much less than us but the ingredients, dedication and attention to detail all suffer. Many bakeries use box mixes and frosting out of a bucket. These all contain shortenings and ingredients you have never heard of. Our buttercream only has four ingredients: sugar, egg whites, unsalted butter and vanilla extract, and our cake batters are all made from scratch.

2nd rule : Always taste before
Never take someones word as to the taste of a cake. This is your wedding cake and should meet your standards. On our first meeting you have the chance to taste cake! We can make subtle changes or come up with new flavors on the spot. We let the taste of the cakes speak for themselves, even though there are usually only moans of enjoyment heard and not many words spoken during the tasting portion of the Wedding Cake Experience.

3rd rule : Bring your own pictures.
Do research before picking your baker. Find pictures on-line and bridal magazines and show them to bakers. You will either hear “Oh No!” and they look like a deer in the headlights of a car or you hear “That looks like fun!” and the look of excitement over the prospect of something new. Many bakers stay with the style they are comfortable with and don’t venture out on a limb to try something new. We love trying new designs to add to our picture book and web page to attract as many diverse styles as possible. Pictures also help us determine what style and direction you want to go.

Last rule : Be comfortable with your baker.
We pride ourselves with helping you get the most for your money and efforts. The whole wedding planning experience is a roller coaster of highs and lows. We like to take a potential low and make it one of the easiest and most pleasurable items you get to check off your list of things to do for the big day. After most consultations we hear “that was easy”, and we know the bride and groom are happy with their decision.

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